Five top rated movie apps for android

The boredom that is being created due to spare time has a very simple solution and it is the movie apps. Here is the list of best movie apps like Movie Box available for the android device that will amaze you with the content they have.



This is one of the best movie apps available for the android devices that let you watch the movie for free. Here with this app you have lot many things to be offered. The movies can be easily streamed online and you can also watch the TV series. ShowBox App is the favorite of millions of users and there are reasons for it. You just need to download the apk file of the app and it will be easily installed over your android device.


Another best app for movies is the crackle. It is used for watching and streaming the online movies for absolutely no charges at all. Although it is not having any option to download the movies but still there are lot many categories from where you can surf the best movies. There is a huge collection of movies of almost every genre. This app is platform independent and can work smoothly over any platform and is an authentic hub for the android. So, you can easily download it without any doubts.

Tubi TV

It is not an easy task for a movie app to get the 4 rating out of 5 and especially when we are talking about a free movie app it is next to impossible. But there is such app and it is none other than the Tubi TV. The services provided by this app are wonderful and it is supported on almost every platform. You can easily watch the movies and the TV series absolutely free over this app. Alluring category are available for you to browse from and get the required results.


This is one of the free leading online video service providing apps and it delivers free movies and the TV shows. You can also watch anime instantly over the android device without any extra efforts with the viewster app. Wide range of anime are available over the app for the anime freak people. This app includes the original content which is genuine. Everything is free here and also no sign up is required. It is able to support chromecast with it.


Another impressive and awesome app to watch and download movies for free is the Hubi movie app. With the help of the tools available with the app, the link of the video that you are watching online can be extracted. There is a huge library of movies of almost all the categories from which you can watch the movie of your choice and even download it if you want. For all these services, there are no charges. Thus, you get the best thing at no cost.

So, have look at them and use the best app.

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