Best streaming music services for android

Since the inception of the music streaming, it is growing up tremendously. This has now become one of the best ways to listen to the music and almost everyone prefers to use this mechanism of listening to music. There are many available streaming services like iTube where you can listen to the music for free and also there are tons of other options also available with it. So, if you are in search of some music streaming apps for the android, then here the best ones available for you to choose from.


Music Paradise Pro

When it comes to the streaming of the music, name of the Music Paradise Pro free music app cannot be left behind. Yes, although this app is totally new release in the market yet it has become a very popular name. This is a smart music streaming app with a brilliant music downloader that allows you to download more than one track at a time and everything is totally free of cost here. It has a license to download all the copy left music for free with a very high speed and it is easy to use.

Spotify music streaming app

This is one of the best available apps to stream music. It comes as both the free and the paid version with the only difference that in free version you will get to see some ads but with the paid version, you get the high quality songs without any ads in between. Also, you can save the music to listen it for free at the later times.

Google Play Music

Google play music was once used as a simple music player app and now it has turned up to be used as a full streaming package. It has more than 35 millions songs available over it and you can easily get access to these songs. The streaming is very easy over this app and you just need to pay a little subscription amount to explore and use all the other features.

Slacker radio

Another name in the list of the best music streaming apps is the slacker radio. It comes with a free service in which you can listen to the songs as well as the different available channels. It will also include some video ads with it. There is also a paid version where you can easily stream the on demand music and that too without any commercials over it.

Pixel music streaming app

This is one of the new available music streaming apps that allows you to stream music for free. It has a modern interface and very good features. All the popular audio formats are supported by this app and you will get the music of almost every category over here. There are features like the bass boost support, an equalizer and the gapless playback along with much other functionality.

Thus, clearly look at each of the above mentioned app and select the one that you find the best.

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